What do women want – the question with the answer that can never be agreed on. But I can say that the growing trend is more women are choosing to switch to a self-managed super fund, so is that the answer?

Women are becoming more engaged in building their wealth with women now representing approximately 66% of SMSF owners aged between 35 and 64. Having a self-managed superfund allows you to have a choice in decisions about your retirement.

Too many choices, too many decisions – is that your question or fear? This is very common and many women do not have the confidence in themselves to make the correct investment decision, administer their own SMSF or even know how much they will need to be a self- sufficient retiree. I can help you overcome all those fears with my team at Bricks & Mortar Super. We can help you work out how much you will need to do what you want when you retire, how to invest to reach that goal and help you with all the administration along the way.

If a self-managed super fund is what you want…go get it!

Signed off by Aletia Bowen – Partner