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We help you secure your financial future with our risk management services

We understand that our risk management services won’t be for everyone, but we wouldn’t be adhering to our holistic approach if we didn’t provide you with options. Our advisors and accountants promise that we will present your options to you from the different areas below. Anything we recommend to you to support, reduce stress and protect your retirement, will be done so in your best interest.

How our risk management services work

Our risk management services are simple. In our obligation free, free initial meeting we chat to you about your financial goals as well as your personal goals. From there we devise strategies to help you get there, whilst also analysing any risks that may get in the way of what you want to achieve. From there we evaluate those risks and present you with ways we can prevent the risk.

Whatever your decision is, we will respect it as long as you understand the implications and are happy with that. We don’t want to sell you a policy if you don’t want or need it.

If you decide on a risk management strategy we then put into place and monitor and review it to ensure it is still the best option for you and your financial goals.

Contact our Gold Coast office for more information

If you would like more information regarding our risk management services, contact the helpful team at our Gold Coast office.

B&M Financial will assist with a comprehensive needs-and-risk assessment to help you carefully select what type and level of cover best suits your circumstances and goals. At B&M we have the expertise to find the best option and structure for your particular circumstances, selecting the right products and levels of cover, to protect your income stream when you are unable to earn an income due to illness or injury and provide for your family in case of death or disability; while maximising cost savings in the process.

We can help you manage the effects of serious illness, or even death, so that these events do not seriously jeopardise your family’s financial well-being.

As we are not aligned with any financial institution we have access to a range of products from leading providers; rather than being limited to a particular corporate or institutional offering. So, whether its life, trauma, total & permanent disability, income protection, or other insurance across your investment and lifestyle assets, B&M Financial can assist.

There are benefits to having insurance inside your Super— namely, it's possible to see higher payouts to beneficiaries and you have more control.

However, insurance within a SMSF has downsides as well. There are medical and tax rules, to consider, among many other considerations. A wrong decision could leave your insurance payments inaccessible.

While you are not required to purchase insurance within your SMSF, Australian law requires that you prove you have considered it. So how do you decide if insurance inside SMSF is right for you? Let us help!

With decades of experience in Insurance, our experts will explain all the options as well as lay out the costs of each so you can make decisions based on all the facts.

Our experts are here to help:

  • We'll help you determine which types of insurance you're eligible for, and what benefits and costs are associated with each type.
  • We'll look at your current Super or SMSF to determine your existing coverage, whether or not it's adequate, and what you would need to do to get the coverage you want.
  • Together we'll go over all of the pros and cons of insurance inside and outside of your SMSF so you'll be completely confident in your choices.
  • Once you've made your decisions, our team will guide you through every single step of the set up so all paperwork requirements and deadlines are met.

"My husband and I had engaged another insurance broker for our personal insurance. As our financial adviser we asked Joe to review the proposal to ensure it was structured correctly to meet our individual needs. The proposed structure had different waiting times on our income protection insurance and included some inside super and some outside super, upon Joe's review he raised some questions which he was happy to discuss with the insurance broker directly on our behalf and got a response we were all happy with. We know Joe is also an insurance broker, however he was happy to work with our contact to make sure we had the right policy for us. We hope we never need to make a claim, but we are confident if we ever do that we have the right structure in place thanks to Joe".


You’ve worked hard to build your business. It may suffer if you are unable to perform your current roles. We don’t want this conversation to happen when you get sick.

We can help you with insurance to protect your business in case you are unable to fulfil your role as the owner/partner/shareholder due to illness, disability or death.

B&M Financial can help you develop your strategy for maximum protection, to offset reductions in revenue should something happen to you (or to other stakeholders named in the policy), or cover fixed business expenses if the revenue generating capability of your business is hamstrung by your inability to work due to illness or disability.

"We recently took our business to another level and with that I invested a lot of time in training some key people in my business. Joe recommended I put some insurance in place in case something happened to that person, so our business didn’t suffer if that person was injured or fell sick. When we went through the process that key person realized he had nothing in place for his family’s protection if something happened to him. It was a great piece of advice that was a win-win for everybody involved."


Business Insurance

B&M Financial assists with developing and establishing estate plans, wills, powers-of-attorney and beneficiary arrangements, to suit your needs, requirements and desires. Through our network of third-party specialists and lawyers, or working directly with your solicitor, we can assist with your estate planning needs, to help you provide against unforeseen circumstances and to ensure that your finances and assets are protected and dealt with in the manner you envisaged and intended.

"We have known Joe for over 20 years and we needed our wills reviewed and updated. Joe was instrumental in guiding us through the process with a lawyer as he knew everything about our business, our investments and my family. My wife and I were able to set up clear instructions that provided for everyone and each other. There are assets we wanted held for the long term that we wanted our estate to benefit from. There were also assets that could be sold if the family chose to do so. We were very pleased with the resulting document and with the ease of the provided by Joe."


Estate Planning


“Joe has been instrumental in the growth and structure of our existing Child Care Centers, he has been with us every step of the way from bookkeeping, tax planning and general compliance will all the government departments. The next phase of our wealth accumulation has seen Joe structure our super funds, so we can own our commercial Child Care premises which means we will be paying rent to our super funds to own the premises in the long term.”