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Our advisors and accountants pride themselves on providing honest and valuable investment advice

The above investment jargon may not mean much to you, and you may have already lost interest! But wait, before you move on understand this: How you invest your hard-earned money for the future is one of the most important decisions you will make. Sounds a little bit stressful doesn’t it, but there is no need to panic. The team at B&M Financial are committed to helping you discover how to invest your money in ways that will both interest you and provide you with returns.

We have technical experts across all key investment groups

Our affiliations with technical experts across all key investment groups helps us create investment structuring and management tailored to your specific goals. So, regardless of your investment portfolio size, or whether you are focused on accumulating and growing investments or are in the capital-preservation stage of your life, we can assist you. We’ll help you to balance risk to potential returns with effective structuring and management of your investments, ensuring they are in line with your lifestyle and financial plans.

We’re independent, so our clients are the ones who benefit

We’re not aligned with any other financial institutions. This means that when we recommend an investment to you, you’ll have peace of mind knowing it is in your best interest. Not the best interest of a company or bank.

Contact our Gold Coast office to learn more

For more information on our investment advice services, contact the helpful team at our Gold Coast office.

"We recently cashed in on the sale of some property and wanted to invest the proceeds for the long term while we travelled around Australia. Joe met with us leading up to settlement and provided us with advice in relation to our income, expenses and assets and discussed with us at length our goals and wishes and put in place a plan, so we could enjoy our travel’s and not have to worry about money while we were away. Our cashflow just appears in our bank account on a regular basis. It’s great."


Investment Advice

Whether it’s the assessment of fund managers or establishing and managing your own super fund, we can help you take control of strategies and structures to align with your goals. For most Australians superannuation will be a vital source of income in retirement; therefore, for you, establishing the right structure and achieving investment outcomes can have a major impact on exactly when you are able to retire and on your lifestyle in retirement. We can help you make sure you make the right decisions at the right time.

A Self-Managed Superfund (SMSF) has greater control than an industry Superfund— mainly because you make the decisions on your investments. But that control also means you need to make decisions about how, when, and where to invest to get the returns you are aiming for.

A SMSF also has many legal and tax rules, and you'll need to consider insurance so that you and your assets are protected as well.

In short— unless someone has the time and expertise to research and manage investments, and has knowledge of the SMSF legal requirements, it can become complex to run one successfully on your own.

Our team of experts are at your disposal

B&M Financial has built a team of experts to give you advice on every aspect of your SMSF, including Boutique Funds, Direct Shares and Options, Finance, Insurance, Property, plus tax and legal compliance for each.

And we don't just, "set it and forget it". All of our experts work together to guide you at every stage, ensuring your investments grow and your money stays protected.

We work with you every step of the way

- Together we will look at what you have currently (including your assets and liabilities outside Super) to get a complete financial picture.

- We will review your current Super balance and insurance to see if a SMSF is right for you and if your money is well protected and explain what's involved with a SMSF.

- We will discuss your financial goals, calculating your Retirement Gap (where you are now versus where you need to be at retirement), and what options you have to bridge this gap.

- We will evaluate how property and other investments work with your Super and decide together what a good strategy is for you.

- We will provide our recommendations and a full, transparent cost disclosure so you can weigh up the risks as well as the rewards.

We have the experience and industry knowledge to assist you in selecting which, if any, managed investments might be right for you, with the tools to monitor their performance. With literally thousands of managed investment funds to choose from, navigating the minefield of fees vs. performance and risk vs. reward is fraught with danger.  However, as we’re not aligned with any financial institution, our recommendations are about you and your goals, not limited to the choices set by a corporate or institutional master.

"Since meeting Joe in 2013, he has put us back in control of our Superannuation. We are nearing the end of our business working life and we feel very comfortable with managing our post retirement investments through Joe. We meet and communicate on a regular basis, so we feel secure with what our investments are doing."



We can develop and help manage your direct equity investments, as part of your personal portfolio holdings or super fund; with full visibility of transactions and results. Working with our team of experts, we can help you take control of your direct investments in shares, decide which companies to choose, when to buy and sell, or help you understand and decide whether equities are right for your circumstances and what role, if any, they should play in helping achieve your goals.

"I work closely with Joe on share portfolios and direct share investments, if he has a listed company share that he wants some background information on I complete that for him and provide him with the research. It then enables Joe or his client to make a decision to invest or not based on the information provided. On the reverse if Joe or his clients are holding a share that I think holds risk, I provide them with the information, so they can make a decision on their portfolio."


Direct Equities

We view property like any other asset-class; balancing risk versus reward and knowing that careful, independent product selection is critical to maximizing financial returns. Most Australians feel comfortable with direct investment in real estate yet most financial planners overlook this asset class completely, leaving their clients to tackle this critical opportunity and associated risks. B&M Financial can help you decide if direct property investment helps you achieve your goals and, if so, help you select a property that fits your plans.

Borrowing through a SMSF to buy property is a growing trend as an investment strategy— mainly because property investments can be both lucrative and relatively secure, and also because there are significant tax benefits (depreciation). In order to protect your current holdings and your property investment, it's absolutely essential to engage experts who can guide you through the entire process, from set up and compliance requirements to recommending investments.

It's enough of a challenge to choose a good investment property— navigating the legal and tax requirements, rules, and paperwork on top of all that can overwhelm even the most educated investor.

But there's no need to risk your finances or your sanity! When you partner with B&M Financial, you'll have your own personal SMSF and Property expert at your disposal to recommend investments that are right for you and keep up with legal requirements.

Our Experts Make Property Investment Easy:

First, we'll help you determine if investing in property is the right choice for you and fits into your investment strategy.

Our Property experts will advise you as to which types of investment properties are suitable for your SMSF and will meet your goals.

Together with our Property experts you will go over market research and determine which properties in which areas present the best long-term returns and make sure they meet the required "sole purpose test"

Because we work as a team our SMSF Finance experts will guide you through your finance needs regarding your SMSF and property investment(s).

We can assist with the settlement and tenancy process to ensure a worry-free, professionally-managed investment. Rules and regulations change often in this market, but don't worry. We will keep you updated and compliant. This includes regular valuations that are required for your properties to make sure your SMSF balance is reflecting the market value of your properties every year.

"We recently took our business to another level and with that I invested a lot of time in training some key people in my business. Joe recommended I put some insurance in place in case something happened to that person, so our business didn’t suffer if that person was injured or fell sick. When we went through the process that key person realized he had nothing in place for his family’s protection if something happened to him. It was a great piece of advice that was a win-win for everybody involved."


Business Insurance

Our team of experts can help you assess and decide which, if any, alternative investment types are suitable to help you achieve your lifestyle and financial goals. We can help you assess the myriad of safe to highly-speculative investment choices available (such as shares, fixed/variable, interest-bearing, capital/partial-capital guaranteed, debentures, derivatives, bonds, deposits and other structured products), to help you decide which, if any alternative investment types are suitable to help you achieve your goals.

"When I first setup up my superfund to purchase a property, I had some left over cashflow to invest. I went to Joe to see if I could invest in a particular asset and he made sure that I could and advised me on the documentation needed to support the investment. He also provided me with all the necessary paperwork for the minutes and the investment strategy that was needed so that everything was documented and compliant. "


Other Investments


“Since meeting Joe in 2013, he has put us back in control of our Superannuation. We are nearing the end of our business working life and we feel very comfortable with managing our post retirement investments through Joe. We meet and communicate on a regular basis, so we feel secure with what our investments are doing.”

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