I know you are probably reading this article because you are considering what to do with your superannuation, this could be that you are thinking about taking control of your super, building your wealth through super by increasing your contributions, you are considering setting up your own Self-Managed Superannuation Fund or you want to know more about how you buy property using your existing super. So read on to see just how we can help!

The majority of people we speak to are in their late 40’s and until now haven’t really thought about how life will be when they retire – let me tell you if you haven’t you are probably going to have a problem.
Australian Bureau of Statistics highlights this problem – It states people intend to work longer and well into their 70’s because of financial reasons and for the majority retiring at the age of 60 is a thing of the past. Nearly 50% rely on the government pension which basically means they are retiring absolutely broke at the age of 65.
The problem is people think about it and then do absolutely nothing about it. They leave it too late.
Don’t let that be you.

It’s great that you found us – so let us find the solution that works for you.
We start with collating all your super and working out what you have now, your age, when you want to retire, how much you are currently contributing, what your fund is earning you now, what costs are going out in fees and insurance. That’s the starting point. And it’s amazing how many people have no idea of what’s currently happening and if they continue on the same path what they might end up with.
We then talk through with you what options you have to increase all of the above. Whether that be salary sacrificing some of your take home pay if you are an employee, increasing your contributions from your business if you are self-employed, giving your super a boost through voluntary contributions from lazy assets you may have lying around.
There are endless options we just need to work out what options you have and what’s right for you.
We then help you project what the future might look like. It’s that easy!

We know we can help solve your problem!
We know this because back in 1995 we set up two superannuation funds with 2 of our clients, those two clients are still with us today. 23 years later both of those clients are at retirement age, each member, husband or wife has over $1m each in super and they will be self-funded retirees living a comfortable retirement when they decide to retire.
With those clients, it all started with a plan and a strategy to do more with their super. They did something about it, they took control of their situation, they contributed more, they invested appropriately, and they got the right advice.
The discussions we have regularly with people is that they are too busy, and we don’t have enough time to manage our super, we hear it’s really complex, we don’t think we have enough.

That’s where B&M Financial step up and give you that peace of mind to know where you are at, we help you develop a long-term strategy to build the assets, we eliminate the time constraints and we take away the complexity.
The sooner you take control of your superannuation the better off you will be. It’s that easy!